Dear user,

Although we check LPG frequently, please be aware that due to:

  • the recent fluctuation in oil and petrol prices
  • the highly competitive nature of the petroleum industry
  • the general volatility of the current market both local and international
The price of LPG could be anywhere from 2-3p above the advertised price on our site.

Please keep this in mind when looking at our price data and check the date of the price on our site carefully.

These are difficult times for the consumer and stations in many cases are raising or changing their prices on a daily basis.

If you do know the current price of a station near you, please email it to the team at

So we can continue to provide the most up to date data possible for our loyal site users, please include the name of the station, and the date of the price advertised at the station.

Thanks from the team, and happy motoring!